The Tokyo Towers Sea Tower (2nd-hand 4LDK condo unit)

Tokyo, Tokyo, 6-3-1 Kachidoki, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, 104-0054

Property Description

East-south corner unit of The Tokyo Towers Sea Tower. All rooms facing south-east. Total 4LDK (4 rooms, living room, dining room and kitchen) with 126 sqm. The view is fabulous. From the corner window of living & dining rooms, you can see all major symbols of Tokyo. The high grade condominium which has pool, lounge, fitness gym, guest room and other various shared facilities. Just 5-minute walk from the nearest Kachidoki station.

  • Property type: 2nd-hand condo unit
  • Layout: 4LDK (4 rooms, living room, dining room and kitchen)
  • Size: 126.05 sqm
  • Price: JPY145,000,000
  • Location: 6-3-1 Kachidoki, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
  • Floor: 40th floor
  • Completion date: January 2008
  • Total units: 1,333 units
  • Total floors: 56 floors on the ground, 2 floors under ground
  • Building structure: Reinforced Concrete structure
  • Management company: Sumisho Tatemono Co., Ltd.
  • Maintenance fee (monthly): Management fee JPY25,840/Maintenance fee JPY22,970/Others JPY1,080
  • Use district: Commercial area



  • 物件種類: 中古コンドミニアム区分
  • 間取り: 4LDK
  • 専有面積: 126.05 平米
  • 価格: 1億4500万円
  • 所在地: 東京都中央区勝どき6丁目3-1
  • 所在階: 40階
  • 築年月: 2008年1月
  • 総戸数: 1,333戸
  • 建物階数: 地上56階, 地下2階
  • 建物構造: RC造
  • 管理会社: 住商建物株式会社
  • 維持費(月額): 管理費 25,840円/修繕積立金 22,970円/その他 1,080円
  • 用途地域: 商業地域




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