Property Investment Expo by LIFULL (LIFULL社投資EXPO)

myasuda 16/09/2018

I went to the “Property Investment Expo” held by LIFULL, the biggest property listing company in Japan.
The venue is Tokyo Big Sight which is in front of Tokyo International Exhibition station.



Although I entered the venue during lunch hour, the place was occupied with so many attendees, and very vibrant.



The expo was a large scale event filled with the four seminar rooms running different topics in parallel, and total 54 exhibiting companies.
As for today, Sunday September 16, the 2nd day of the expo, majority of the exhibiting companies are either development companies or investment companies focusing on selling each unit of a newly developed apartment or second-hand apartment. Since my main interest is in investing in a whole apartment building, I felt a bit disappointed initially since my expectation is not met.


However, while talking with several exhibiting companies, I was lucky to encounter a renowned developer with long tracking records which has been developing a lot of high end new apartment buildings within 10-minute walk from a nearest station inside the central 23 wards of Tokyo. I also encountered an investment company which buy a second-hand apartment unit by themselves, and selling it to investors at close to a purchase price without taking any referral fee.
My company are going to introduce properties of these companies soon based on an agreement with each company. We are also going to support the investment company which already planned a seminar in Singapore soon by helping them to collect more customers over there via our local partner companies.



Eventually, our company managed to create some prospective business plans with other companies. I left the venue by feeling bright and cheerful.



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