Partnership with AyalaLand from Philippines (フィリピンAyalaLand社との業務提携)

myasuda 19/09/2018

Our company decided to introducing the premier properties from Philippines in addition to the existing Japanese properties.


As our partner, we selected AyalaLand, the real estate development company which belongs to Ayala Corporation, the largest and oldest conglomerates in Philippines. The parent company was founded by two Spanish businessmen, Domingo Róxas and Antonio de Ayala during the Spanish colonial rule in 1835. The company has a portfolio of diverse businesses including banking (Bank of the Philippine Islands), telecommunications (Global Telecom), water infrastructure (Manila Water), real estate (AyalaLand), automotive, renewable energy and other multiple businesses. It is definitely one of the most reliable and high growth companies in the long term.

提携先として選ばせて頂いたのは、フィリピン国内の最大かつ最古のスペイン系コングロマリット財閥であるAyala Corporationに所属する不動産デベロッパーAyalaLand社です。親会社はスペイン植民地時代の1835年に二人のスペイン人事業家(ドミング・ロハスとアントニオ・デ・アヤラ)によって設立され、金融(Bank of the Philippine Islands)、通信(Global Telecom)、水道インフラ(Manila Water)、不動産(AyalaLand)、自動車、再生エネルギー等に関わる複数事業を行っており、 長期的な信頼性及び成長性の高い企業の一つです。

The famous business districts near Manila such as Makati and Bonifacio Global City have been developed by AyalaLand. The whole town is developed from scratch including main streets, train stations, office buildings, shopping malls, condominiums, museums and others.

首都マニラ近くにある有名なビジネス街であるマカティ(Makati)やボニファシオグローバルシティ(Bonifacio Global City)は、AyalaLandによって、幹線道路、駅、オフィス、ショッピングモール、コンドミニアム、美術館等、街そのものが開発されています。

Based on such long-term achievements, Mitsubishi Corporation exchanged partnership with a group company of AyalaLand in 2013, and currently proceeding with the large scale condominiums development project in Ortigas.


* Source: 三菱商事, フィリピンにおける不動産開発事業参画について

AyalaLand has a show room in Akasaka, Tokyo and actively holding seminars in Asian countries including Japan, Singapore, Korea, Hong Kong and others.


Our company will going to not only to introduce their property project information, but also organize a seminar in each country and onsite viewings in Philippine. So stay tuned!




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